A Message To White America

Confessional sign for article about White privelege and racism in America
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There are no “other” White people.

Those other White people you complain about ⸺ the racists, the bigots, the homophobes, the misogynists, the ones that make it so hard for anything to change in this country ⸺ they don’t exist.

The only White Americans are we White people. We White…

It isn’t for anyone else to say we belong in this world.
In this part of the world.
In this place in this part of the world.

We need not seek it.
It was ours all along.

Not contingent.
No sign-off required.

Stop looking outward.
Shift your view.
Step outside.
From the porch…

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To say that my husband is genuinely shocked that Trump was elected, is an understatement. He’s still having a hard time reconciling how we can be where we are today, with less than a month until the 2020 election. And when I say to him that I can see a…

Obesity Due To Excess Calories

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That note from my original consultation with my doctor, “obesity due to excess calories,” is the only mention of my weight in my medical record. I’ve been seeing her for 8 years. …

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Even the best person does bad things. The shame is in not telling the truth about those things. The damage results from the keeping of those secrets.

Since the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency, I’ve watched and listened as White Americans feign shock and surprise that this is the America…

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When the brows furrow, the screaming starts and the guns come out, I keep asking myself, “What are White Americans so angry about?” The answer I inevitably land on, puts a knot in the center of my chest.

White Americans are not angry at ourselves for our complicity. For our…

I don’t know whose dog it was.

The neighborhood kids played with it. We’d throw it balls, run, roll on the grass, chase it and let ourselves be chased.

We were running up a steep street, throwing the ball from one side to the other as we went. …

JK Rowling, I understand your feelings. You feel like your identity as a woman is under attack, that women who have fought so hard to be seen, heard, respected, who have overcome so much to find their place in society, are being erased. You feel like all of the things…

We need to elect more Black people. White people need to stand behind, campaign for, vote for, and help elect Black people.

It is time for them to lead because we’ve royally screwed everything up. It is time for things to change no matter what white people think they’ll have…

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